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Yang Style

Mastering Yang Style Taijiquan - A must for every Yang practitioner. The the first English translation of Fu Zhongwen's famous handbook. Fu Zhongwen was a senior student of Yang Chengfu. The line-art drawings accompanying the text were rendered from photos taken of Yang Chengfu's form. Its for the more advanced student or teacher who has already learned the Yang Style. Has superb descriptions of Fixed-Step Push Hands, Active-Step Push Hands, and Da Lu practice. Fu Zhongwen's elucidation of moving points of concentration, termed jindian, in Grasp Sparrow's Tail.

Handbook of T'Ai Chi Ch'Uan Exercises - By Zhang Fuxing. Includes 600 illustrations showing yang style short form, long form and pushing hands. Two charts are included to show the foot position and body orientation for both the Short and long Forms.

Tai Chi Chuan: 24 and 48 Postures With Martial Applications - By Shou-Yu Lian, one of China's top-ranked Tai Chi coaches. A technical reference guide for Yang practitioners. Contains very helpful guidelines for the experienced student. Each posture is photographed and explained. When a view from one angle is insufficient, the author supplements it with a photograph from a second angle. The book is good enough so it might even be possible to learn Tai Chi from it without a teacher.

Tai Chi Chuan Martial Applications - Yang style application by Master Jwing-Ming Yang of Boston. A perfect intermediary book to buy after you have learned the form and want to start envisioning the martial applications of each of each move. Primarily about responding to punches and not much about Chin Na, throws or counters.

Tai Chi - by Erle Montaigue. Yang Cheng Fu style Tai Chi.

Power Taiji - by Erle Montaigue and Michael Babin. Both the traditional slow forms as well as fast and explosive forms. Yang Cheng Fu style Tai Chi. Includes martial applications.

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