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Beginners, Advanced, Chen, Wu, Yang, Applications, Other, Best Picks,
Tai Chi Weapons, The Classics, Bagua & Hsingi, Push Hands, Chin Na, Pressure Points,
, Cheng Man-Ching, T.T. Liang, Shou-Yu Liang,

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Books and videos are best used as supplements to actual face to face instruction. If you can't find a local instructor, we can help you find one of the many weekend workshops offered all over the US and the world. These workshops are often lead by world class masters and are often an excellent place to find and meet local instructors... Just submit your email above to join TheTaiChiSite.com Tai Chi Workshops newsletter.

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Wu Style and Government Style

Complete Tai-Chi: The Definitive Guide to Physical & Emotional Self-Improvement - Short version of Wu style Tai Chi by Alfred Huang.

T'Ai Chi Ch'Uan (Wu Style) - By Sophia Delza.

Wu Style of Tai Chi Chuan - By Tinn Chan Lee.

Wu Style Taichichuan - By Ying-Hua

New-Style Tai Chi Ch'Uan: The Official Chinese System - By Wei Yue Sun M.D. and Xiao Jing Li MD Ever wanted to know more about the "official" government sanctioned forms? Here they are.

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