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The Art of Chinese Swordsmanship: The Manual of Taiji Jian - by Zhang Yun. Ever wonder about the martial applications of the jianpao (the tassel) of the double edged Taiji sword... It has several... and the jianpao affects proper Taiji sword form. The Art of Chinese Swordsmanship has this information and everything else you could ever want to know about Taiji swordsmanship. If you practice a sword form this one is a necessity.

Chen Pan Lings Original Tai Chi Chuan Textbook - a translation of the Chinese text published in 1963. Y. W. Chang, Chen's senior student. paperback, hardcover,

How to Grasp the Birds Tail If You Don't Speak Chinese: If You Don't Speak Chinese - by Jane Schorre and Margaret Chang (Illustrator). Provides fundamental information and meanings on the basic postures. Light hearted but substantive and informative.

Tai Chi Ruler: Chinese Yoga for Health and Longevity - by Terry Dunn. An ancient Tai Chi / Chi Kung system that utilizes a wooden dowel ("Tai Chi Ruler") as a focusing device. It's held the palms. There are eight internal exercises and seven meditations to coordinate movement, breath, mind and vision. Advanced students practice at respiratory rates of two breaths per minute. For those with health problems, the core exercises can be practiced lying down.

Power Taiji - by Erle Montaigue and Michael Babin. Both the traditional slow forms as well as fast and explosive forms. Yang Cheng Fu style Tai Chi. Includes martial applications.

Total Aikido: The Master Course - by Gozo Shioda, Yasuhisa Shioda (contributor), David Rubens (translator). If you are serious about studying any of the Chinese internal martial arts, you owe it to yourself to learn a bit about Aikido. This is one of the leading books on Aikido technique. The author does a superb job of detailing Aikido techniques. And its about Aikido as a true martial art... in the Steve Segal sense. Gives all the basic techniques and their variations... all supported with meticulous photography and comprehensive descriptions.

Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere: An Illustrated Introduction - by Adele Westbrook and Oscar Ratti. The insightful illustrations are spare... but timeless... and raise the book to a work of art. It was first published in 1970 and will probably continue in publications forever. Has a good balance between technical "how-to" knowledge and general principles and philosophy.

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