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Chen Style Taijiquan - By Grandmasters Feng Zhiqiang and Chen Xiaowang two luminaries of the Chen style community. It is one of the few books on Chen Style application (how Tai Chi is used in actual combat). Provides a step by step review of the martial applications of the two main Chen routines. Content includes: (a) The Origin, Evolution and Development of Shadow Boxing, (b) Illustrations of the Attack-Defense Art in Series I and II of Chen-Style Taijiquan, (c) Diagrams of the Attack-Defense Art in Series I of the Chen- Style Taijiquan, (d) Diagrams of the Attack-Defense Art in Series II of the Chen-Style Taijiquan, (e) Profiles of Chen Fake, Feng Zhiqiang and Chen Xiaowing

Chen Style: The Source of Taijiquan - by Davidine Siaw-Voon Sim and David Gaffney. The history and philosophy of Chen Style Taijiquan which is commonly believed to have remained truer to the original Tai Chi developed hundreds of years ago than have other styles. Includes exercises that illustrate spiral energy, the combining of hard and soft movements, and the joining of intent, breathing, and movement. More of a reference book than an instruction book. An inspiring book written with the help and support of Chen Style masters Chen Xiaowang (his picture is on the cover), Zhu Tiancai and Chen Zhenglei.... incorporating insights of past and present masters of the Chen style. Includes translated quotes from: Chen Wangting (Chen style's founder), Chen Changxing (compiler of the "Lao Jia" Old Frame and teacher of Yang Luchan), Chen Zhaopei (who led a revival of Taiji in Chen village),Chen Zhaokui (son of Chen Fake), and current standard bearer Chen Xiaowang.

Chen Style T'Ai Chi Ch'Uan: Thirty-Six and Fifty-Six Movements - By Shing Yen-Ling (Yanling Xing, Ling Shing Yen)

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