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Beginners, Advanced, Chen, Wu, Yang, Applications, Other, Best Picks,
Tai Chi Weapons, The Classics, Bagua & Hsingi, Push Hands, Chin Na, Pressure Points,
, Cheng Man-Ching, T.T. Liang, Shou-Yu Liang,

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Books and videos are best used as supplements to actual face to face instruction. If you can't find a local instructor, we can help you find one of the many weekend workshops offered all over the US and the world. These workshops are often lead by world class masters and are often an excellent place to find and meet local instructors... Just submit your email above to join TheTaiChiSite.com Tai Chi Workshops newsletter.

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Overcoming Arthritis: How to Relieve Pain and Restore Mobility Through a Unique Tai Chi Program by Paul Lam and Judith Horstman

Arthritis: The Chinese Way of Healing and Prevention (Qigong-Health and Healing) - by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming. Step-by-step Qigong exercises as an alternative / complement to traditional Western medical approaches.

Back Pain: Chinese Qigong for Healing & Prevention - by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming. Gentle exercises and massage techniques to ease lower back pain, strengthen your torso, prevent future back problems. 196 photos & illustrations.

T'ai Chi in a Chair: Easy 15-Minute Routines for Beginners - by Cynthia W. Quarta. Originally designed for the elderly, these adaptations of traditional tai chi exercises are simple and straightforward while retaining all of the important health benefits of the original movements. Simple stretches you can do anywhere-at your desk, on your couch, or even in your car. Includes one complete routine and five 15-minute mini-routines. - Special bonus chapter on acupressure points.

Tai Chi Chuan
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